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Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions

HVAC solutions to cover everything from new home builds to large industrial complexes

Get the right HVAC system for your project

The right HVAC system is critical to delivering your new build. After all, you’re building a space to be lived in—so it needs to have a comfortable environment and effective climate control.

At Element Heating and Cooling, we provide HVAC solutions to suit every home, every worksite, and every office space. Wherever you’re building, we help your customer enjoy a more comfortable living environment by delivering a tailored, state-of-the-art HVAC system.

You can trust that we’ve got the right range of brands and products that ensure a smooth and seamless build, at competitive prices. We stand by our work, and provide after-sales care to ensure that your systems continue to work effectively long after your tools have been packed away.

Wherever your build is, whatever system you need to deliver your project, we’ll be there for you.


Commercial exhaust and ventilation solutions

Smoke, dust, and odours are part and parcel of a busy working environment. So at Element Heating and Cooling, our aim is to improve the airflow in your most-used areas, and keep your spaces free of steam, smoke, odours, dust, and gasses.

We provide a full range of commercial exhaust and ventilation system installation and maintenance services, to keep your operations running smoothly, and keep your air free of dust, odours, and particles.


Commercial HVAC solutions

Explore our range of completely customisable HVAC system solutions. Whatever size project you’re working on, whatever the space, Element Heating & Cooling is here to help.


Childcare Centres

Get the right air conditioning system that ensures complete comfort for kids of all ages, and deliver an optimal learning environment.



We provide full HVAC services, including design, specifications, mechanical drawings, and installation, for retail spaces of all sizes.


Government & Council

We deliver whole-office heating and cooling solutions that allow complete control over the climate in your new office spaces.


New Home Builders

Create your new homes with the right air conditioning solution from the start. We work with you to ensure everything is taken into account.



We’ve partnered with Australia’s leading brands to deliver innovative air conditioning systems that allow you to reduce your running costs and lower your carbon emissions.



We can advise on the best solution for your classroom needs, and undertake installation with minimum disruption to your students.


Hospitality & Cafes

Whether you’re after a seamless installation of a ducted air conditioning system, or are looking for a system that became part of your business’ aesthetic, we’ve got you covered.


Melbourne’s commercial air conditioning specialists

We provide a complete range of home and office air conditioning solutions designed to meet your commercial specifications.

Get expert advice on the right HVAC solutions for your commercial project


Australia’s trusted brands


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we’re unable to provide quotes over the phone, as there are too many variables involved in selecting the right option for your home. To accurately size and cost your HVAC solution, we need a floor plan that allows us to size your unit correctly, so we can accurately map out the space and materials we can work with, and other variables that may alter the price.

However, we provide no-obligation quotes at no cost to you, so feel free to go through the process with us.

Replacing your gas ducted heating system with a reverse cycle air conditioner requires a complete overhaul of your warming system. It’s not just a simple air conditioning installation, we need to change the size and location of your outlets, add in new ducts to your home, and add in an entirely new motor and air conditioning unit.

If you’re thinking about swapping out your home warming solution, get in touch with us to organise a free quote.

When it comes to air conditioning installation, we can only replace like-for-like. So for example, we can’t change an evaporative air conditioning unit with a reverse cycle system, as everything would have to be replaced.

Contact us immediately on 9749 0548. We’ll organise a time to come and have a look at it for you.


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Get a custom HVAC solution for your commercial project

Our experienced team is on hand to find out what you need to ensure your project runs smoothly. So get in touch with us today to discuss the HVAC solution that suits your space. Simply send us your details, and we’ll be in touch to talk through your needs and organise a quote for your next project.