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Stay warmer in winter with our custom gas ducted heating solutions


Relax with gas ducted heating

Keep the cold out, and ensure every room in your home stays warm and cosy when the temperatures start to fall. Gas ducted heating provides a whole-home heating solution that’s made for those cold Melbourne winters.

We’re experts at supplying and installing gas ducted heating solutions in new builds, apartments and townhouses, and in existing properties. Wherever you live, gas ducted heating is a low cost, low maintenance solution that keep your spaces warm and inviting.


With reverse cycle ducted heating

Turn your whole home into a warm, inviting winter retreat, with reverse cycle ducted heating. Whether it’s warming the house up for the early morning scramble, you want to take the edge off during the day, or it’s to wind down and relax at night, you get the control to warm your entire home. At Element Heating and Cooling, we ensure your system is installed the right way, so that it fits your spaces, and provide the most efficient and effective heating possible. And then when the warm weather starts to come around again, you’ve got a cooling solution ready and waiting.


Range of heating systems

Discover the difference an Element Heating system can make in your home. Completely customised to your spaces, this is a smarter way to warm your home.


Gas Ducted Heating

Create a zone heating solution that provides unparalleled temperature control throughout your entire home.


Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. Reverse cycle split system air conditioning provides a flexible and cost-effective cooling and heating option.


VRF & VRV Systems

Improve how you deliver heating solutions for your buildings, with a modulated system that allows you to control the temperatures of each specific zone and space.


Hydronic Heating

Looking for an innovative heating solution? Hydronic heating allows you to heat your home naturally, utilising radiant heating to warm your spaces.


Industry leading heating solutions

We provide a full range of home and office heating solutions designed to help you warm your spaces more efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on what you’re looking for.

A reverse cycle gas ducted heating system provides a cost-effective solution when compared against other options, and provides both cooling and heating options, working well even in humid conditions.

Hydronic heating is significantly more expensive to install, however it provides a unique heating method that uses hot water and radiant heat to warm your rooms.

So it really depends on your budget, and what you want for your spaces. Get in touch with us to discuss the right option for your home.

Unfortunately we’re unable to provide quotes over the phone, as there are too many variables involved in selecting the right option for your home. To accurately size and cost your gas ducted heating or hydronic heating solution, we need a floor plan that allows us to size your unit correctly, so we can accurately map out the space and materials we can work with, and other variables that may alter the price.

However, we provide no-obligation quotes at no cost to you, so feel free to go through the process with us.

When it comes to air conditioning installation, we can only replace like-for-like. So for example, we can’t change a split system air conditioning unit with a reverse cycle gas ducted heating system, as everything would have to be replaced.

Replacing your gas ducted heating system with a reverse cycle air conditioner requires a complete overhaul of your warming system. It’s not just a simple air conditioning installation, we need to change the size and location of your outlets, add in new ducts to your home, and add in an entirely new motor and air conditioning unit.

If you’re thinking about swapping out your home warming solution, get in touch with us to organise a free quote.

Make sure that you’ve got your air conditioner set to the right settings. Check on the control panel/remote control that you’ve got the warming option (sun symbol) selected.

Contact us immediately on 9749 0548. We’ll organise a time to come and have a look at your system for you.


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